Bearprint Electric Bikes, the easy way to travel

Electric bikes, the easy way to travel

Who are ‘Electric Bikers’?

Commuters - who like to cycle, yet want to arrive fresh at work by using assisted power

Leisure cyclists - who want to cover greater distances and explore the countryside easily

Town dwellers - cycle lanes mean journeys by electric bike are quicker than by car

People who want to be fitter - a gentle, pleasurable and progressive route to developing fitness

Shoppers - leave the car at home, and stop worrying about parking

Hilly Area Dwellers - power assistance enables the rider to stay on the bicycle – much safer

Knee Joint Sufferers - for whom pedalling is not easy - the electric bike takes the strain

Those who care about the environment - minimise pollution and reduce your carbon footprint

Older People - who rediscover cycling and value the boost an electric cycles gives

The cost conscious - no road tax, no MOT and no worries over petrol prices

Those without a driving licence - who now find a conventional bike hard work

Those who have lost their licence - due to age, ill-health, or sight problems

You just about anyone who wants to have fun!

Our Mission

We share a passion and a belief that electric transportation is the way of the future for an increasingly 'green conscious' world.
We want to make it possible for all of us thousands of us - to go safely out onto the roads on electric bikes, leaving our cars in the garage.


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