Our Company - Bearprint Electric Bikes

Bearprint and Green Biking

Who are we? Why the footprints? Why the Bear?

Bearprint is the brainchild of a footballer turned sports expert and motorbike enthusiast turned electric bike guru. We share a passion and a belief that electric transportation is the way of the future for an increasingly ‘green conscious’ world.

  • Footprints remind us all of the challenge of reducing our carbon footprint – out of the car and onto the electric bike
  • Bears are strong and have great stamina – like our bikes. They are adventurers and are part of our precious natural world
  • So we chose Bearprint for our range of environmentally friendly green electric bikes

And a final note – why are our bikes cheaper than others? Well, we want to make it possible for all of us – thousands and tens of thousands of us – to go safely out onto the roads on electric bikes, leaving our cars in the garage. And we are willing to make a smaller profit to achieve that.