Why Electric

Why buy an electric bike?

…because it is electric – it gets you up the hills and takes you home. At least, that’s the theory…

Too often in the past, electric bike owners have found themselves pushing their ‘special’ bike up that steep hill, or having to pedal the last tired miles home. And they don’t understand why, when they bought a bike that promised enough power and sufficient stamina.

Until now electric bikes have been limited in their capabilities. With electric bikes only one thing really matters…

The Battery

At last, the new generation of batteries that are really up to the mark… Introducing the brothers:


<<<< Hector has a big stamina of over 350Wh.

                                                                                Gavin has a giant stamina of over 550Wh. >>>>

They are both genuine 36Volt batteries with industry beating maximum current levels producing extremely high power. We are the sole importer of these high technology batteries.

Convinced? Ready to buy?

If so, you can skip this section of geek speak below:


Not too Technical Stuff

Gavin and Hector both use Lithium Ion chemistry. But what matters is their output, not their chemistry. And our batteries give you plenty of power to go up hills or to overtake safely, and have plenty of stamina to get you home.

Volts (V) indicates the theoretical power which can be pushed through the motor which translates into potential acceleration and a theoretical capacity to climb hills. Some batteries marked 36V actually are only 30V. Some bikes are sold with 24V batteries. Anything less than a true 36V will signal disappointment with UK sized riders! Gavin and Hector both produce more than 37V under laboratory conditions.

Peak Amps (pkA) indicates the maximum current level the battery actually delivers as you start to climb up a hill and relates to the actual power. Gavin and Hector have industry beating pkAs – 45A. This means that even if you are a big framed bloke cycling back after a good pub lunch, your bike will get you up the hill without any problems, whichever way the wind is blowing. Avoid any battery whose pkA is below 45A!

Watt hours (Wh) (V x Ah) gives an idea of how far you might travel on a single battery charge. But please, please don’t believe manufacturers’ theoretical numbers (“with some pedalling on a flat sur face”). In the real world, with people who are not size zero, with hills, with rain, with wind, with traffic, and with increasing tiredness as your destination approaches, these theoretical numbers mean little. You will want to keep your battery at last half full to better preserve battery life. And as batteries age and are charged and recharged many times, their tanks start to shrink.

So, put simply, a bike with a 300Wh battery, after a year’s use, might well do less than 10 miles on a half charge.

That means you need to start with a bigger tank of electricity than you might to expect. And up until now, big tanks of electricity just haven’t been available for bikes. Hence the lacklustre reputation of electric bikes which give up the ghost three quarters of the way through your adventure or your commute….

Big blokes, or anyone who wants to be able to travel long distances and up many hills, should choose Gavin who weighs in at over 600Wh in the lab. For others, Hector (at over 400Wh in the lab) will do fine. But we cannot recommend any bike whose battery has less than 350Wh stamina. And there are many such bikes on the market.